2014 Life Writing Competition

Winners posted!



Upcoming events:

Thursday August 14th- Melaleuca Blue Life Writing Competition Winners announced above!
Friday August 15th- Sunday 17th August- National Non-Fiction Writers Festival
Sunday September 7th- Memoir In a Year Workshops at Writers Victoria:


About Life Writing Melbourne & Melaleuca Blue

Each human being contains at least a thousand secrets. These are untold stories, some more intricate and inspiring than any fiction tale could conceive. Some are very simple, but priceless: a moment in time that made us stand still, an unforgettable day, a special treasure found, a chance meeting, a visit from someone, something lost, something won, a holiday missed out on, our proudest and our most shameful moments. When a person dies, we not only mourn the loss of their presence, but also the loss of a thousand stories untold. The stories belong collectively to us as human beings. They are part of our collective identity and our own personal journeys. They are significant, and essential to understanding humanity itself. This is why it is so important to collect them as carefully and passionately as an archaeologist collects the physical evidence of humanity.

Melaleuca Blue is the concept of Kari O’Gorman, with the aim of encouraging ordinary people to tell extraordinary life stories; sharing them through publication, through workshops, meetings and more. An establishing publisher, Melaleuca Blue defines Life Writing as stories that come from a person’s real life experience. These stories could be our own, stories we have been told by generations past, or an amalgamation of stories from our own or others’ lives. Creative- Non-Fiction is another definition we use.

We do not believe there is any set way to tell a story, and therefore encourage experimentation with a range of genres including, but not limited to: memoir, short story, monologue, poetry, flash-memoir, non-fiction, diary writing, letter writing, blogging, micro- blogging, oral history, and a whole host of other artistic forms that tell life stories. We believe that there are good stories in every person, but it is only in the telling that they truly become great stories, memorable stories.

On defining what makes a true story, Melaleuca Blue believes there is no such thing. There are always a number of versions of truth present in any story and each true story can have many angles, and many versions, even by the same storyteller. We therefore seek to tell stories, based on real life, and that hold truthfulness for the writer or reader at the moment of time that they are writing, or reading.

We look forward to collecting more stories including yours.

You, the keeper-of-secrets, what will you leave for future generations?

Stay up to date with ways to be involved or submit your writing to us at www.lifewriting.info